Ethics and Enterprise symbolize the corporate philosophy of the organization. Business rules laid down and adhered to within the organization is ahead of the regulations prescribed in administrative manuals and advocated by the bureaucracy.

Ibn Sina Pharmacy LLC has won several appreciation and recognition like the Ministry of Health “Best Pharmacy Awards” on several occasions.
A landmark achievement has been the accelerated growth during the past six years when the company recorded impressive results, showing an almost 3-fold increase in turnover to surpass  USD 31 million mark in 2009.

With the mission of extending quality healthcare to micro interiors of Oman, Ibn Sina Pharmacy LLC has commenced retail pharmacy operations to serve the populace in places like Haima, Adam ,Thumrait and Mahout in the recent past. Plans are afoot to open new branches in remote areas like Duqm very soon.
Interestingly the name Ibn Sina has a rich historical significance. Ibn Sina or Avicenna as he was called in Europe, was an Arab mathematician and medical expert. He wrote a book called Kitab al-shifa or Book of Physics, in which he incorporated Greek and Indian ideas.